Wednesday, January 20, 2016

019: Boba Fett

wp-1453207420540.jpegToday, being another slow day activity-wise, we have Boba Fett. My Dad bought Boba Fett and a few other figures for me during a trip to Hong Kong in 1984. I fought make believe battles with it, though it never seemed as much fun as how they made it out in the ads on TV. I grew up some, we rearranged our things in the house, and I lost track of my Star Wars set. Then last year, Dad told me he had found them in a box while spring cleaning, and now they're with me again. It's like getting a present twice!

I went on a Lazada shopping binge last year. The notable things I bought were my Lenovo A7000 cellphone (the one I use to take all these pictures), a sewing machine, a vacuum cleaner robot, a projector, two SSD hard disks, and countless other memory cards and flash drives. It's one of those habits that creeps up on you, and you think what a good deal you're getting, and before you know it you've spent more than you had planned. But I do think I did get good deals overall, so I have no regrets.

The funny thing about Lazada, though: lately, they seem to have clamped down on their sales. I already had Lazada shopping down to a science. The best discount that you could get was P1000, but that was a rare occasion. Most times they would max it out at P500. Ordinarily you could get 12% off and that was good already, but sometimes you could hit 15%. Lately, though, the discount rates have been hovering at just 10%, and they've started excluding electronics goods. Are they starting to feel the pinch of the bottom line?

All the same, I think I'm already shopped out at Lazada. I cruise the site from time to time, wondering if there's anything new, but I can't think of anything to buy.