Tuesday, January 19, 2016

018: Techno-Gnome

img_20160118_212822-01.jpegWould you believe that, despite all the excitement today, the only photo I have to show is this macro shot of Techno-Gnome? He's one of the figures from Mega Bloks Dragons line from many years ago. I don't remember the actual series. I've had him for the longest time. Despite his ugly mug, I never really thought of him as a bad guy. He's more of a tinkerer or a builder.

Our flight back to Davao today went through Manila instead of Cebu. Probably because of the Sinulog fiesta, flights leaving Cebu this week were prohibitively expensive. When we booked the tickets three weeks ago, they were going for close to P7,000 per person for a one-way ticket. It was cheaper to go via Manila.

We made a new discovery at NAIA Terminal 3. There's a bustling restaurant and shopping arcade on the third floor of the complex. The prices are reasonable, too. I always missed going there because I would always be in a rush to go to the boarding gate. Luckily today Emily felt curious about the other facilities of the terminal and went exploring.

On the flight from Manila to Davao, there was a woman with three kids. The eldest was around five, but she seemed like a special child. Before take-off she was bawling her head off and would not be consoled. She didn't want to wear her seat belt. She kept getting up and walking down the aisle. Then there was her toddler sister, kicking at the back of my seat. Their mother was carrying their youngest, probably less than a year old. I would have gotten annoyed if she didn't look so pitiful. Fortunately another passenger offered to change seats with them so that the eldest would get a window seat. That quieted her down a bit. Throughout the flight, though, the three children seemed to conspire to take turns crying and screaming. It was an interesting flight.

And we're back home. I retrieved our dog from my parents'. Some semblance of normalcy returns.