Monday, January 18, 2016

017: Cake Transformation

wp-1453020734740.jpegHere we have an example of Emily's cake magic at work. This is the cake for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary dinner. Ordinarily she would do everything herself, but the cake, especially, because she feels that its taste and quality are tied to her brand and reputation. But since we're out here in Dumaguete, she had no tools and did not have access to an oven. Instead, we bought cake from Sans Rival.

From their catalog, Emily chose a specific size for a three-layered cake, mocha chiffon at the bottom and butter chiffon for the top two. She asked them not to decorate it, just to cover it with plain icing. The lady at the shop couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Are you sure?" she must have asked three times.

Emily bought lace and plastic jewelry. After we got the cake from the shop, she went to work. The transformation is what you see here. Impressive, isn't it?