Thursday, January 14, 2016

013: Old Friends

img_20160113_144125-01.jpegWhile walking around Dumaguete, we saw this street vendor selling this Doberman Pinscher pup outside Lee Plaza. The little thing was sniffing around the sidewalk but it didn't wander away too far, but we didn't see its owner. When Emily bent over to pet it, the vendor announced himself.

"Would you like to buy her? She's only P6,000," he said.

"It's all right, we're not from around here," I said.

"For you, P4,000." It was as if he didn't hear us. "See? The tail has been clipped. We haven't done the ears yet."

"We just want to pet her. Is that all right?"


"Can you hold her up so we can take a picture?"

He obliged.