Sunday, January 10, 2016

009: The Library

img_20160109_163915-02.jpegI had some time at school so I went to the library. Today was a Saturday and I didn't need to be on campus. However, Emily requested I deliver a cake to someone in school at 2:30PM. My next appointment was at 5:30PM and so, counting some other tasks in between, I had roughly an hour free. A rarity, I might add.

For a Saturday, the library was buzzing with activity. At the second level, students were busy with their assignments and group work. I was impressed by how they managed to keep the noise down. There was just the right amount of ambient sound to make me comfortable.

I picked up some recent Java volumes from the programming section and skimmed through them. I think I must have dozed off a bit, but I did get the info that I needed, plus a few more.

Monthly writers guild meeting today, and a birthday party. Fortunately, they were in the same area so I could walk from one venue to the other. The writers meeting took longer than I would have liked, though, so I ended up taking dinner at the party late. Today, we made it official I would no longer update Dagmay.