Friday, January 08, 2016

007: Merry Christmas!

wp-1452166590826.jpegTo which you will probably say: aren't you a bit late? Technically, though, we're still in the Christmas season. Christmas doesn't end until the Baptism of the Lord, which is this coming Sunday yet. That's why the nativity scenes are still up in churches. This particular picture featured here is from Sacred Heart Parish.

Speaking of Sacred Heart, the church has undergone a huge facelift. There are now stairs from the ground floor going up to the center aisle that leads to the main altar on the second floor. I like this new design and I can't wait to see the finished polished product. I am sure Sacred Heart will become a favorite for weddings because of this design.

The days have been so hectic with work I haven't had quiet time to read. I've been catching snatches of Vonnegut's Deadeye Dick and Robert Silverberg's Up the Line when I can. Really more of samplers, though. Silverberg is an unsung poet of American literature, not just of science fiction.

My dogged avoidance of Java has finally come to bite me in the behind. Now that my work heavily involves Java, I find myself having to scramble. The idioms are complex, but manageable. The trick, I think, is to find the right on-ramp: most tutorial guides are too simple, but for someone like me already familiar with programming and other programming environments, more advanced examples are better. I'm finding Learn X in Y Minutes to be an invaluable resource.

Gotta keep hanging in there.