Monday, January 04, 2016

004: Go!

img_20160104_073538-01.jpegMy wife prepared a traditional native breakfast today: mangga, budbod, and sikwate. The perfect starter, too, as today was a big day. Today was the first day of my engagement with a software development company. It's a lot of work as it requires a shift in my technology base, but it's also a good opportunity to learn new things in a professional setting. My co-workers are my former students from a few years back, so in a way, it's a familiar groove, though this time I am the one learning from them!

I picked up Sidekicks by Jack D. Ferraiolo from Book Sale the other day. It's a superhero-themed young adult fiction book. Superheroes are difficult to pull off in prose so I was curious about Mr. Ferrailo's approach. The book is fairly recent, so it plays off on our current perceptions of the genre. It's unapologetically self-aware of the conventions and tropes, so much so that it almost crosses into satire, but doesn't. An easy and funny read.

While on the road, I listened to BBC In Our Time's episode on Tristan and Iseult. Good fodder for localization and reinterpretation.