Sunday, December 27, 2015

The End (Sort Of)

I've run this blog for some eleven years now so this'll be hard to do. I've decided to shift my activities to a new site, 2016 Village Idiot Savant. The Blogger platform just isn't cutting it for me anymore, what with Google seemingly ceasing any active development. For one thing, my workflow now involves mobile devices, and no Android client has been forthcoming.

And for another: this blog, with all its history, has gotten quite ungainly. I have close to 3000 posts here, all of various sorts, the product of random experimentation. It's been fun but, sigh, I've outgrown this site. It's time to move on.

The new blog is still an experiment of sorts. I've been running it for a few days, and so far so good. I hope to last an entire year with it. The format I'm trying forces me to be more consistent, and I'm not weighed down by past practices embedded on this blog.

Not entirely the end, because I do plan on posting monthly updates on this sites, highlights of what has gone on. However, I will simply formalize what has been going on in practice, that is, I will cease frequent updates. The blog will stay up because I have too much invested in it.

Thanks for following this blog! Ciao!