Friday, December 25, 2015

Day -007: Reboot

alt="img_20151224_112423_1.jpg" width="225" height="300"
/>I finally finished To The
Though I've had the game in my
library for quite some time, I could never get into its groove.
Call it a consequence of getting old. Earlier this week, I
decided to commit myself to the game by playing through an
hour. Finally sufficiently invested, I managed to put in half
an hour of gameplay a day.

I'd been warned
by a number of people about this game, both from online reviews
and actual testimony, that it was an emotional roller coaster.
The first few hours, I wondered what the fuss was about. Sure,
there were some heart tugging moments at the start, but nothing
to cry about. I didn't see what the big deal

Then I got deeper and deeper into the
game. When I finally got to its core, I realized what my
friends were talking about. Too late, I was already bawling my
eyes out. I am still tender as I write

To The Moon is
video game storytelling done right. The late Roger Ebert caused
a stir when he claimed that video games couldn't be art. If I
recall the crux of his argument, it was that because he thought
video games couldn't carry the author's emotional intent. Well,
this game disproves Ebert's thesis. This game is

I'm starting this new blog. After
hobbling through a couple of years with href="">my original
ten-over-years-old blog, I have had to throw in the
towel. Blogger just wasn't fitting in my workflow anymore.
Google has persistently withheld the Android client, I suppose
in an effort to move its user base to Google+. WordPress, on
the other hand, has just been improving consistently with new
goodies all the time.

I still plan on
keeping my old blog alive, but it will just be monthly
highlights from here on. This year, I'm moving my main blog
activities over to this site. I'll be trying something new,
too. Just one post per day, following a preset structure,
published in the evening.

Should I still
be doing this, putting my journal out in the open for all to
see? Well, we'll see about the wisdom of this project. Looking
back at the past couple of years, this is something I've missed
out doing, and those years have gone by without much record.
That's a little sad. And I do miss writing. If this doesn't pan
out, I'm calling it quits for good, but I think it certainly
deserves one last try.

completed nine mornings of Misa de Gallo.
This is --
what? -- probably my tenth year of attending the dawn Masses
leading up to Christmas. What I once thought was difficult to
do has become difficult not to do. It's embedded as personal
tradition now, and something I look forward to every


through Cedar Sanderson's Pixie Noir. This
book is written in the vein of Jim Butcher's Dresden
but adopts its own take on the mythology. In
some ways it's more solidly written but the plot development is


keeping up with my Spanish via Duolingo, but with this blog now
up and my commitments in the open, I should be working on the
other things in my list soon.