Sunday, December 27, 2015

Day -004: Natal Day

alt="img_20151227_162902-01.jpeg" width="300" height="269"
/>Time flies. You wake up one
day and find that you're nnn46. It's not a remarkable number,
no one aspires or dreads to be that age (unlike, say, 18 or 33
or 40 or 65).  It's just a necessary interlude to
whatever next milestone you look forward

Looking ahead, I do find myself at
crossroads again. This is the price to pay for always looking
underneath the surface, never being fully happy or content with
the lot, but always asking, "What if?", "Why?" and "Why not?"
Cryptic? I know. I don't have all the answers myself, but I'm
looking to sorting them out in the coming weeks and

A Muslim
It's a Sunday and it's my birthday, but
I have to spend some time helping my wife set up a wedding
cake. The cake is shaped in the form of a mosque, and at 5
feet, quite tall. The wedding ceremony and reception was fairly


back to Pixie Noir, just a few more
chapters remaining. It's...interesting. The characters fall
into archetypes and conventions but nevertheless show their own
personalities, appropriate to the genre. All the same, I don't
know if I'll be picking up the next two books in the trilogy,
Trickster Noir and Dragon
. Don't get me wrong: I like the book and I like
how the characters are fleshed out. It's just that my own
tastes are


two of the Memrise Mandarin program. It's getting more
challenging. I can already recognize a dozen Chinese characters
but now that the program is demanding more attention to Pinyin,
I realize I have to be more careful. That's three things to pay
attention to: the ideogram, the meaning, and the Pinyin
rendition. Whew!