Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day -002: The Project

alt="img_20151229_065440-01.jpeg" width="300" height="169"
class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-48" />I
had been missing a picture of a belen to
match the spirit of the season.
I'm rectifying
it now with this shot I took of the nativity diorama from the
Carmelite monastery where I attend

We tried the Caffe
Verona Roasty Sweet & Dark Cocoa beans
This was the second half of Emily's
cousins' birthday present to me. What can I say? The coffee was
excellent! And I've leveled up some more
in my snobbery, too, because now I weigh the portion of the
beans on a digital scale instead of just winging

I spent most of the day
working on my optical mark recognition project.

I'm working with href="">SDAPS, a truly remarkable
open source project. This will change the way we run surveys at
Ateneo. I've got the hang of working with the software now.
Today I put together a generic answer sheet which can be used
for exams. I also put together a spreadsheet that can
automatically check and grade the answers from its output. I'm
just waiting for my sheet-fed scanner to arrive so I can really


put in some reading time with A Moveable
after I put this blog post away. Quite a busy
day so I was not able to hide away with the


on the Memrise Mandarin program. Alas, I have hit a bit of a
snag with Pinyin. More practice required, I'm afraid. I'm
thinking I may need to jack up the time I spend with