Tuesday, December 02, 2014


I got my first denture last Monday.  It was...a sad moment.  For a long time I had harbored the fantasy that I would go to my death with a full set of teeth.  I worked hard at it, too.  I brushed my teeth and flossed between the gaps every day.  I drank milk and too calcium supplements.  Alas, such a dream was not to be.  But perhaps I'm looking at the glass half empty. On the bright side, it did take me this long to finally need denture. And, I'm still alive, even thought I'm one tooth less.

The denture is for my right maxillary molar, a relatively inconspicuous location, so I should be thankful for that.  I had had a root canal for this tooth (and I don't even remember when.) Eventually the tooth had rotted off so all that was left was just the root. My previous dentist installed a jacket and that worked fine for a long time.

Jackets don't last forever, though. The first time it came off I was chewing through a piece of meat.  it was disconcerting but a visit to the dentist put it back in its place. The damage was already done, though.  The next it came off, it was embarrassing: I was sucking on a mint candy. The dentist told me if it came off one more time, there was no more putting it back. And indeed, the jacket came off a third and final time, because I was chewing on chocolate taffy.