Saturday, October 04, 2014

This blog is 10 years old

...and somehow I missed the anniversary. Serves me right for not plugging in as much as I ought. I thought that I started this here blog in October of 2004, but it turns out it was actually on September 21, 2004. I imported some posts from an older web site so some entries are dated as early as April 2004, but the real beginning, back when it was was in late Septembe

What's happened since that time? I made some cool young friends, I got a girlfriend, I quit my corporate IT sales job, I moved back to Davao, then to Dumaguete, took over the family business (for a while), biked around the Negros countryside, attended my first writers workshop, broke up with my girlfriend, moved back to Davao, enrolled in AB English (and MA English), made more cool young friends, became an uncle, started teaching in Ateneo, shifted (and graduated) to MS in Information Technology, had a bad biking accident, got engaged and married, wrote a book, made some cool old friends, fell into a coma, built a new house, travelled Europe, and became assistant dean.

Whew. Ten years.


  1. wow, ten years, congratulations! I stopped blogging for a few years (not that I was very prolific to begin with) and now just started again on a new blog, but I was with you at some point during those ten years-starting with the Dumaguete days, I think. when I revisited my old feed reader, many of the blogs are no longer active, but glad to see this is still here! sort of feels like we're old friends now - well, albeit in the high school batchmate you hardly see anymore sense anyway :D

    1. Hey, good to hear from you, Wolverina! How's it been?

  2. Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog. I see you mentioned meeting cool, old friends.......I like to think I'm one of those. :)


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