Friday, January 17, 2014

Daniel Padilla at Ateneo

Two female Ateneo students came over to the computer labs on Friday afternoon. I overheard them asking the lab assistant: "Is there a fee for the event tomorrow?" As the assistant looked befuddled, I broke in.

"You mean DevCon?" DevCon stands for Developer Connect, a nationwide organization of programmers. Ateneo would be hosting an event on Saturday. Nerdy topics, really, like mobile web applications, responsive design, etc.

"Yes," they said hopefully.

As far as I knew it was free, but their question planted the seed of doubt. I asked my students who were organizing the event. "No, it's free," they confirmed.

"It's free," I relayed to the two girls. I saw them sigh with relief and break into big smiles.

"Just curious," I said. "You don't look like CS students. What makes you so interested to come tomorrow?" I had a feeling I already knew why.

"Well, you see...." one girl stammered, and they looked at each other and back at me. "Daniel Padilla?"

"Sorry, miss, that Daniel Padilla isn't the Daniel Padilla you think it is. Naulaw mo, no?"

I walked away sniggering. As I glanced back, I saw them hiding behind a big column, before scurrying to the elevators.

Regrettably, I forgot to ask them what college they were from.

Okay, so maybe THAT Daniel Padilla will be at Ateneo, after all. Or maybe just a very good photoshop job.