Sunday, August 18, 2013

Prayer for A Book Launch

Father in Heaven, you made the world through the power of your word, and you redeemed the world through your incarnated Word. We thank you for the gift of participation in the word, in its sound, in its rhythm, in its meaning, and in its power to move and delight. We thank you for the gift to touch our brothers and sisters with the beauty of the word, and with the word to convey our love for each other and through us to manifest Your love.

Father, send us your Holy Spirit, and bless all those who join us here today in this celebration. Bless those who will speak, and those; who will perform.  Bless those who come to listen, and those who come to learn.  Father, we ask, most especially, a special blessing for your daughter whom we honor today for her work which partakes in your gift of the word.

All this we ask in Christ Our Lord, through Mary His Mother and ours. Amen.