Tuesday, January 29, 2013


By now you may have noticed a change in how I run this blog.  Instead of sometimes-daily sometimes-not sometimes-long sometimes-short posts, I've restructured my schedule to just one long essay per week.  Friday / Saturday, to be more specific.

Gone, too, are the pictures.  For my mobile phone pics, I created a new blog, As Viewed Through Android, where I post daily.  DSLR pics will go to my Google+ account.

Why the change? For one, this blog has gotten a bit unwieldy, what with everything going on; I felt it was time to streamline it, but without touching whatever content I already have.  For another, I'm trying to instil discipline in my daily and weekly habits; with my current schedule, I didn't think I could aim for a daily post. 

And finally: I really want to go back to long-form writing.  In this social media world, it seems to be a dying form.

If you've been following along this blog far, thanks very much. So many online distractions out there now, and it's getting much harder to be heard.