Tuesday, November 06, 2012

One Perfect Day

Some days, well, some days were just made perfect.  Like today, for instance.

I woke up later than my usual hour.  The sun shone bright outside the window, bright but not hot.  A steady breeze persisted throughout, not too strong, just light enough to be cool and refreshing. 

I had breakfast, puttered around a bit, then got set to leave for work.

"What's on your schedule today?" I asked my normally busy wife.  As a baker, she meets with clients in the early part of the week and works very late hours towards the weekend.

"Nothing, surprisingly," she said.  "I'm free today."

I had my shirt halfway on.  School doesn't officially start till tomorrow, but I thought about the deadlines and paperwork at the office.  Then I looked outside and heard the rustle of the wind against the grass.

"You know what?" I said.  "I'm not going to go to work this morning.  Let's go to the beach.

And that's just what happened.  The way I figure it, perfect days like this don't come around too often.  It's a crime to let it pass in an office, never mind the deadlines and the paper work.

So we went to the wharf and hopped on a boat for Samal Island.

We went over to Paradise Beach Resort.  The entrance fee was steep, but what the hey, you can see that they really plough it back into their facilities.

We had a good view of the city.  Marco Polo Hotel looked small in the far distance, instead of looming large outside our office window.  And the sky...the sky was just perfect.

It was high tide when we got to the resort.  My wife and I waded in the water.  Despite the sun, the water was cool.  We saw schools of tropical fish darting left and right.

This being a workday, there were very few people at the resort.  Nevertheless, the quartet was playing, singing Spanish songs.

My wife picked out some shells from the sand.  Pearly shells, these are.

This being a workday and all, I did report to the office in the afternoon.  I don't think they really missed me at all.  So it was just as well I spent this One Perfect Day with my wife at the beach.