Sunday, October 07, 2012

Groundbreaking for the new Ateneo building

With a growing student and faculty population, Ateneo de Davao needs more spaces. One such project to meet that need is the new Ateneo building, to be constructed in the area that was the old motor pool, gym, and Jesuit residence.

We had the groundbreaking for the building yesterday.  Fr. Joel led the ceremonies, and it was good to see his predecessor Fr. Samson also come down specially for the event.
Time capsule: the part that tickles my imagination.  What could they have placed in there?  When will they open it?  What will the Ateneans of the future think when they unearth the capsule?  A singing and dancing frog?
Unveiling of the perspective of the new building.  Very ambitious, and very impressive.  Audacia!