Monday, October 08, 2012

Appreciation notes for World Teachers Day

October 5 was World Teachers Day, and I got some appreciation from my Humanities, Education, and Nursing students. Small tokens, really -- a pencil case (thanks, Ram!) and some very tasty brownies (thanks, SALEM!). But the best gift on that day were special handwritten notes, which I'm reproducing below.
This note was from A.R., from my Creative Writing Class. We had a lot of fun with this class, and I like to think I've improved my teaching style from the last time I taught this. A.R. got some nice stories in, some of which I hope will see print in Dagmay soon.

This note is from Greysh, who isn't even formally my student. Greysh is taking up Nursing, but she was a fellow in last summer's Ateneo de Davao Writers Workshop. Greysh eventually became a member of SALEM, and got into the upcoming Davao Writers Workshop.

This note is from Chad, also from my Creative Writing Class. I like how Chad has thrown himself into the craft, and has started attending SALEM activities. I hope to see his stories in Dagmay soon, too.

This note is from the mischievous Pido, again, not formally my student, but someone I've known the past two years through various writers workshops. He's got several stories printed in Dagmay now (the latest one which I illustrated).

And finally, this note is from Karen, whom I've been working with in SALEM and in the writers workshops. Wouldn't you know it, Karen is not formally my student, either! Karen has been a dynamic leader, and this year, we've seen an increase in SALEM members, even outside of the Humanities and Education core. Karen also got into the upcoming writers workshop, together with Greysh, and so I'm especially proud of her.

So take note that I say I got some appreciation from Humanities, Education, and Nursing students, and I have to say that especially because I am actually from the Computer Studies Division. 'Nuff said.

(Hindi ako nagtatampo.)