Monday, October 22, 2012

A Conversion Story

So our house helper L. is taking up a Hotel and Restaurant Management diploma course at a local vocational school.  She's on her second year now.  Just like any program they have exams.  For this week, they had a long test on measurement conversions.  L. came home looking a little worried.  This is the conversation she had with my wife Emily:

E: How did the exam go?

L: Not so good.

E: How so?

L: many pounds are there in one kilogram?

E: That's easy! 2.2.

L: Oh...

E: Why? What did you write?

L: I put down 4,000.

E: Ouch! That's embarrassing.

L: He he, not as embarrassing as my classmates.

E: How so?

L: They all copied from me.