Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dark Elf Cosplayer

My only decent shot from the technology expo at Abreeza last month.  I brought my DSLR along with the intention of taking pictures of the cosplayers but when push came to shove, I just didn't have the zest.

Cosplayers have become more elaborate in recent years.  They have special contacts to get that feral look, their armor is now made of molded rubber, and the girls are even more daring in what they bare.

The appeal is largely lost on me now, however.  Instead of awe at the creativity, all I'm seeing are...noisy kids in costumes.  Cosplay tells me how silly the cartoons would really be in real life.

And yeah: "Get off my lawn."


  1. lol. "get off my lawn" - that moment when i can relate is when i am sitting in one corner in a con (which i don't always attend) and those screaming fangirls attack a cute male cosplayer. this also happens when a hoard of fanboys suddenly want to shoot pics with an attractive female cosplayer and i end up wanting to move because i don't want to be a photo bomber.

    i still see cosplay as a very creative endeavor especially when the acting part of the character is well done.:) these days, i'd rather do something else though. like play with fire hahahaha.

  2. Funny thing happened during the event. There was this usual clutch of cosplayers in their colorful costumes -- armor, wigs, backless dresses, masks, and so on -- and as they parted, I saw this young lady in a beautiful purple veil and shawl. The fabric was exquisite, and the little gems around the hem sparkled. Hers was the best, I thought, and she carried herself with a quiet dignity, unlike the shrieking children around her.

    Then I realized she was wearing a hijab and was not a cosplayer.

    But she was still the best.

    P.S. Hey, I'm in Manila next week.

  3. Oh god, why can I relate?

    I've always tried to be in various Cosplay events and the more I attend the more I realize that there are teenagers there who cosplay for the attention they aren't getting when they're in normal clothes. And my main beef is that a lot of times I talk to participants who clearly have not played the game or completed the entire series of the character they're cosplaying. There is really no essence in that, in my opinion.

    But I love it when there's a lot of craftmanship involved in a participant's costume, mixed with a working knowledge of the character they are cosplaying!


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