Sunday, September 16, 2012

Backyard Burgers

Burger joints are springing up all over Davao, and not just those selling the cheap extender-filled variety from mobile trailers.  I'm talking burgers approaching gourmet quality.  A few on my list: Hollywood Burgers, Army Navy, Gino's, and Harley's.

This Sunday, Emily and I finally got to try Backyard Burgers.  Backyard is near SM City Davao, but a little harder to get to because, well, it's only outlet really is along the backyard of a subdivision.  In the past, we'd pass by the place, but never really could manage to park the car and grab a bite.

Not so this time.  We were in no particular hurry, and the place wasn't packed like usual.  Parking was no problem, either.

Backyard's appeal is that you can customize the burger to your liking.  So you choose how well or rare the patty is done, and you select the ingredients to place in.  Cooking takes a while, but that's because it's done the old-fashioned way on a charcoal grill.

Verdict: I'd say it's right about there with Hollywood.  The patties are generous, and the wife and I still managed to get our fill from the single burger that we split between the two if us.  Our only gripe is the place: it could be much cooler and more comfortable.