Saturday, August 11, 2012

Don't Tell Me

Way back in high school, our local TV station -- GMA, I think, because there was no cable then -- would play this music video every afternoon. I never did get the name of the band: they weren't nearly as famous as any of the other acts, and I don't know of any other hits of theirs from the period. But I found both the music and the visuals mesmerizing. I don't know, it must have been the exotic European background, or the oddly clashing synth-pop tune, or maybe it was the goofy gap-toothed lead.

Then I grew up, buried it all in my subconscious.

Then, today, while working on a presentation with 80's hits from 8Tracks playing in the background. The song wasn't even on the playlist, but some the lyrics came to me and...well, what's the Internet for, anyways? A quick search on Google led me to Youtube, and here we have a blast from my past.

The band is Blancmange. Wikipedia tells me they released another album in 2011. Who knew?

And going against the truism that Youtube only contains herp-derp comments, here's an interesting factoid about the video:

This video was filmed in Valencia, Spain, during the celebration of the Fallas festival in March 1984.

This is a last glance at Spain BEFORE it joined the EU in 1985. The band would have had passport checks and everything. Spain was a different world back then. The girls are looking amazing in their traditional costumes, they are totally thrilled with the boys and the camera crew, and they're as cute as buttons.