Sunday, June 10, 2012

Paparazzo the Robot Photographer's Pictures

Here are some shots that Paparazzo the Robot Photographer took.  Not being a very sophisticated robot, Paparazzo doesn't know much about proper framing: if anything comes into range, he shoots.  But from time to time, he does luck into a nice photo.
Ailyn startled by Paparazzo.  At this point, I hadn't written the program yet, so I was controlling the robot via NXT Remote.
Likewise for this shot of Ton.

At this point, I already had Paparazzo's shutter press routine running.  Paparazzo took a shot just as Omick and myself were coming to view.
I asked my student Ralph to help me take photos of Paparazzo in operation.  Paparazzo shot back, of course.
From here on, these are shots taken by Paparazzo during my demo.  Above is a picture of Annette looking on.  It's in black and white because I used Aperture setting with forced flash on (and I had forgotten to switch that mode back to color.)
A picture of me while giving my demo.
Paparazzo takes a picture of our teacher, Engr. Pat Abu.