Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Mindanao Toy Convention 2012

The Mindanao Toy Convention is running all this week at Gaisano Mall.  The action figures, maquettes, and other eye candy are up in full display.  Later in the week will be more activities like, groan, cosplay.

I swung by yesterday to take some photos.  There seems to be more toys than last year, and many of the displays look pretty cramped.  (Ironically, some displays are empty, but I suppose that's because they're waiting for their exhibitors.)
I was quite happy to see the Space Cruiser Yamato on display.
More video game-themed toys, too.
And, of course, the obligatory Gundams.

I took most of these shots with the +1 attachment, though in hindsight, I didn't really need it. The challenge was shooting through the glass: without a flash, it would be too dark; with the flash, I'd get unsightly reflections. I solved the problem by moving in really close, hence you'll see lots of detail shots.

More pics coming right up!