Friday, February 24, 2012

Thank-you note from a former student

And Linux and open source scores another victory on the job market! This here is a message from Ken Toreno, who took my Operating Systems class. I love it when my students send me notes like this:

Sir Dom! I want to thank you for introducing us to open source technologies especially during our Operating Systems class, the "Ubuntu fever" as we like to call it. Because of that it gave me an advantage over other applicants when I decided to look for a job, luckily the company that I am currently employed to is using Linux/Ubuntu as the operating system for their servers. That made the adjustment period for me a bit easier compared to not having knowledge and understanding those linux commands and lab exercises surely came in handy during the job interview and the job it self . So Sir Dom a big THANK YOU to you, btw I got accepted last Jan 9 so this thank you email was bit late, but hey its better late than never right?..:D Once again sir thank you and may you continue to teach and share knowledge about open source technologies.

It sort of eases the sting of rejection from the last PSITE conference, who thought my paper on running my Operating Systems class was too...elementary.

To PSITE: phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbtttttt!!!

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