Thursday, February 02, 2012


That's the curse invented by Severus Snape, eventually used by Harry Potter in his fight against Draco Malfoy.  The spell manifests an invisible sword that slashes against enemy.

It was the answer to the last question in Ateneo de Davao's Utakan 2012, our annual intramural quiz show involving teams of students and faculty from the different divisions and colleges.  I was part of the team representing the Computer Studies Division.

And, it was a question our team didn't manage to get.  Yes, you can take away my Harry Potter fan card now.

Sigh. Can't help it.  Harry Potter was fun at the start, but the story took a while to play out and, well, I sort of outgrew it.  I'll still have fond memories of the first three books, but I suppose the teenage angst late in the series never really hooked me.  (And don't even mention Twilight.)

I really have to tip my hat to the teams that got it, though.  Only a true fan could have answered it (as our student assistant Gelai did -- in a flash -- when I told her about it.)  Mad props.

Still, we won the quiz show by a margin of 20 points.  So I'm happy.  Very happy.  Nya ha ha ha ha!

Ha ha.