Monday, January 23, 2012

Thoughts on Speculative Fiction

Part of the talk that I gave at USEP a couple of weeks ago. This is an older version, so some things have changed a bit, but the content is largely the same.

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  1. Interesting set of slides, wish I could have listened to the talk. I'm particularly interested in the slide about breaking free from the shackles of Campbell's monomyth. Is it actually possible to write a good story without some of the elements of the "hero's journey"? And isn't a lot of SF in some way attempting that by making plot and characterization somewhat subservient to the big idea?

    I'm reminded of Clarke novel I read a long time ago (probably "A Fall of Moondust") where people on a lunar "boat" had to be saved after being buried in a moon quake. There was a sort of story that you might fit in the monomyth structure, but seemed to me to be mostly a thought exercise on what technologies and techniques we would need to bring to bear to successfully live on the moon.


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