Monday, January 02, 2012

One More Day...

Unlike other sad sacks who must troop back to work today, I, as an underpaid and underappreciated teacher more day of vacation. School doesn't start till tomorrow, and even then, I'll probably be going on low gear for a while. Not that I'll be doing nothing: there's lessons for the week to put together and contracts for a small project to draw up. No sweat de-dah! The entire break hasn't exactly been unproductive either: I've computed the grades and I've almost got my book under wraps.

For all the times that I look back with some regret at leaving my corporate job, I have to remember that what I'm getting back in return is the gift of time. I don't stress as much as I did before. These are things that don't sit well with neck ties, customer calls, and sales quotas.

And you know what the best part is? Because I've front-loaded all my teaching load in the first two semesters of the year, I get the summer off. Yep, two whole months of a break like this. Beat that, suckah!