Friday, December 30, 2011

Why I must blog (and what I must blog about)

Today I received a comment on an old blog post. It reads:

Sir, this is Earnest Hope Tinambacan (the one who played Don Quixote) reading again your review while remembering Prof. Evelyn Aldecoa. I wasn't able to stop my tears from falling reading this and reminiscing those days with Ma'am Evelyn. She passed away yesterday, and I still can't believe it.

Thank you very much sir for having saved the memories for us, the cast and crew.

It blew my mind that the article, a review of a Silliman production of Man of La Mancha, which I wrote six -- six! -- years ago should still touch someone deeply. I am likewise touched.

Truth be told, I've been thinking about ending this blog. I started it in October of 2004. It's over seven years old now (and 2,419 blog posts). It's had a long run, but I'm not quite sure where the readers are anymore. Off arguing politics, or regurgitating inane memes, or scheming SEO tactics, I suppose. Plus there's my workload and shifting interests: I think you can see the trend based on the posts this year (and the absence thereof).

But this message from the past...well, it gives me a bit of hope and a reason for going on. It's a record of the community that I live and move in. It may not matter much now, but in the long run, who knows? I'm writing history.

Thank you for the nice review. This is Sheila Pabalate-Omaguing who played the role of Aldonza/Dulcinea. I memory of Ma'm Evelyn Aldecoa, I really thank her for giving us the chance to play and believing in our talents. Man of La Mancha was my first and last musical play. That was my dream come true that at least I can play once in my life and thru her it became a reality. Thanks Ma'm Evelyn! Godspeed and we will surely miss you.