Friday, October 28, 2011

An Evening at Michelangelo's

Pizzeria Michelangelo's is a small outdoor restaurant attached to the upscale Hola Española in Damosa Gateway. By attached, we mean organizationally -- same owner and waiters -- and physically -- because only a door separates the two establishments. Like Hola, Michelangelo's is also pricey, but only moderately so. They serve only 16" pizzas, no other sizes, and each goes for around P300-P400.

But Michelangelo's has a few things going for it: first, their pizza crust is the thinnest I've tried lately, it's almost like I'm eating soft nachos; second, the ingredients they use are premium, so the price is well worth it; and third, it's a small, quiet, no-frills establishment, just the way I like it. Not someplace I'd go to regularly, but certainly well worth bringing friends and guests to on special nights out.

The pizza chef was kind enough to allow me to take some photos.

As I said, no-frills, but still classy.