Friday, May 06, 2011

Last Night in My Room

I just realized that tonight is the last night I'm going to spend in my room. Tomorrow night, I'm moving to the hotel; the night after, well....

I'm going to miss this room. It's been my hideaway for the past four years since I moved back to Davao. Here is where I have my books, my toys, my knickknacks and my gear. Here is where I retire to add the end of the day, where I wake up every morning. Here is my bachelor life encapsulated.

Part of me says I shouldn't be sad at all. After all, I've bounced around from house to house more times than I can count since I was sixteen years old. I've never really stayed in one place longer than three years. Just when I thought I'd settle, I have to move. I should be used to this by now.

But...I'm not. Moving has always been pain: disruption and the uncertainty ensue. More than that, I've really grown to love this room, small as it may be.

I suppose I'll have to take comfort in the idea that I don't have to take too many things with me, and that, for a time at least, I can still come back to this room when the urge takes me.