Thursday, May 12, 2011

At Abreeza

It wasn't my intention to hit the opening of the Abreeza Mall, but because my in-laws had planned to go, I said why not? I even offered to drive the family over, despite the expected traffic jam. It would be worth the experience to see what the latest Ayala mall would be like on opening day.

Some ways before we actually hit the intersection, I already saw that my prediction was correct: traffic was bad, even as far back as the Dacudao flyover. Luckily, traffic was moving, albeit very slowly.

Finding parking? Well, that was another problem altogether. Again, fortune smiled. A pickup was leaving just as we pulled in.

Abreeza isn't fully operational yet. Plenty of shops are still waiting to open. Of those that were taking in customers there were kinks to go around. For instance: what we expected would be a quick snack at Max's Fried Chicken turned out to be dinner as we waited over an hour for our order to arrive.

Ultimately, what bothers me about Abreeza is the sameness I see in Metro Manila and Cebu. It's an Ayala Mall. If you've been to an Ayala Mall...well, it's an Ayala Mall. Classy, high-end, but like all other Ayala Malls, pressed from a cookie cutter pattern.