Saturday, February 12, 2011

Taboan Day 2 Notes

  • Attended the session on "Writers and their Advocacies" with Luchie Maranan, Mario Miclat, and our very own Paul Randy Gumanao.  Between such heavyweights, Paul comported himself very well and did us proud.  Hearing Mario Miclat speak convinced me even more that I should get his book "Secrets of the 18 Mansions".  I did, and I got it signed.
  • Also in the book loot: Criselda Yabes' "Peace Warriors" and "Below the Crying Mountain"; Jun Balde's "100 Kislap" (which I shall likely give to Paul); Xu Xi's "The Unwalled City"; Rony Diaz's "At War's End".
  • Jimmy Abad gave me his book. Autographed, of course.
  • I took Kristian Cordero, Adrian Remodo, and Nerisa Guevara to Ateneo de Davao to catch a bit of Jimmy Abad, Carlo Flordeliza, and Ida del Mundo's talk.  Jimmy had the audience of students and teachers enthralled.  On the way back, Nerisa we got to talking about Bert and Ernie, along with some expert analytical dissection from Nerisa.
  • Attended the session on "How to Write a Bestseller" which was, ironically, the most poorly attended session.  No matter.  Small as the audience may have been, the exchange was most enlightening.  My takeaway: what sells best are small books, newsprint, less than 100 pages, cheap, humorous or romantic, plot-driven, and in Filipino.
  • Aicha and Jesh came. Good to see them again.
  • Poetry night was a blast.  Thanks to Ianne and Paul for hosting.
  • Again, the SALEM org from Ateneo de Davao provided the backbone for the whole operation.  Kudos, guys! 


  1. Thanks for such a great opportunity, Sir Dom. I enjoyed the festival so much. I was like an awed elf in the midst of the literary giants. ;] Thanks for Sir Jun Balde's book. Nagsugod na kog basa and I enjoy it.

    I can now see a clearer road ahead. Daghang salamat.

  2. De nada, Paul. Thanks for being there.


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