Thursday, February 10, 2011

Taboan Day 1 Notes

It's eleven o'clock and I'm tired. Before I hit the sack, I thought I'd write out these short notes on how the day went, lest I forget. Opening day was a success. Many delegates said as much. For that I'm grateful and glad. There were a few hiccups that could have been avoided with some foresight and better planning, but we managed to work our way around them.
  • I'm proud of how the Ateneo de Davao students stepped up. We did not have any definite plans for their duties, but when we needed them most, they were there. Responsive, charismatic, dedicated, and full of initiative, the Society of Ateneo Literature & English Majors (SALEM) were the gears that kept the show going. I'll list out their names in full in a later post, but I want to thank Glyd, Karlo, and Ianne for taking the lead. Mad props to you, guys!
  • More than the past two Taboans, ours was a student event. They came from all schools: Ateneo, UP, MSU-IIT, Holy Cross.... Everywhere I looked were young faces: not just the staff but among the audience. Nor were they passive participants, they engaged the panelists with questions and opinions.
  • But as a counterpoint: I'm disappointed that no teachers from Ateneo de Davao came. Has our culture become so insular that we cannot venture into events outside of our own campus? I know we're all busy and such, but an event like this -- with writers from all parts of the Philippines -- won't happen again in Davao for a long time to come.
  • Best insight of the day: from J. Neil Garcia, who astutely pointed out how Angelo Reyes' suicide may well prove to be a turning point in our politics. When caught, our politicians' usual response is to fly off to some other country. Reyes, however, did something that was very East Asian, as has been the case many times in Japan and Korea.
  • I got the dummies for "The Best of Dagmay" and "Fractional Lives" from the printer.  I know this printer produces very good output, but I am not at all happy with the way their art department works.  These are by far the sloppiest dummies I have ever seen.  But what can I do? I need to show something for the book launch.
  • The book launch, for which Cris Yabes was very apprehensive about (seeing as it was her book we were launching) and for which I got into a long call the day before Taboan, went well.  Again, some hitches, but nothing we couldn't work around.
  • Great to see my pal Gilbert again.  Thanks for the book, man!
  • I lost my temper. Good thing I got it quickly back under control.

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  1. I can attest to the very assist given to me by Karlo and the others manning the book fair. Two thumbs up!

    I'm very happy to see you again, Dom! and you're welcome! :)


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