Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ten Years of Metro Post

Last week I received a text message from Irma: "Inviting you for the tenth anniversary gathering of Metro Post this coming April 9.  I hope you can make it."  Being now stuck in Davao, I can't, but....

Has it been ten years already?  My jaw drops as I write this.  In today's parlance: O.M.G.  Ten years?

Credit Danah Fortunato for getting me started on this writing gig.  Back in 2000, I also had a weekly technology column for the online edition of Philippine Daily Inquirer.  Perhaps I should consider writing for a local paper, one "Dumaguete Metro Post?"  Oh, sure, why not?  I visited Irma in their office downtown, and dropped off a floppy disk (remember those?) with a few articles.  In keeping with my work then, I opted to write about technology issues, and thus "Rational Technology" came into being.