Friday, December 17, 2010

Wikileaks on the Philippines

Not much mention of the Philippines in the Wikileaks documents, except for one, dated 2007.

Curiously, it's placed within the broader context of China. Apparently, the concerns of Washington and Beijing center on stability, transparency, and good governance.

I wonder what they mean, though, about the US and China "working from different directions."

Sigh. It feels like my country is a pawn in this superpower game.

Progress in the Philippines, but More Needed
¶19. (S) Seeing poverty as the key challenge facing the Philippines, China invested in its agricultural development and transportation infrastructure, DG Hu underlined. Beijing recognizes corruption as the second significant problem facing the Philippines, but believes it "cannot do much about that," DG Hu said. Beijing sees President Gloria Arroyo as a good leader because she has shown that "she is in control." DAS John agreed President Arroyo has stabilized Philippine leadership and enacted strong fiscal and economic policy, but stressed that Beijing and Washington must encourage Manila to continue working hard to promote transparency and good governance. John also outlined the extremely successful approach to counterterrorism the GRP has taken in Mindanao, with the support of the United States. DG Hu assessed that, while "working from different directions," United States and Chinese efforts in the Philippines are complementary.

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  1. Your country is a pawn in this superpower game!