Thursday, December 16, 2010


It's the middle of December, and I'm only on my second blog post for the month. What happened?

For one thing, I've gotten busier of late, what with my teaching duties, my masteral classes, a big literary conference next year, and my, er, upcoming wedding. Yup, that's right. In case you missed the past few blog posts, I'm getting hitched.

Ironically, it's when I have the most to blog about that I have less time to blog. But that's how it rolls.

And some other things:

It's not just the schedule, really, it's also a redirection of the creative energies. As an experiment, I introduced a group blog to the students taking my open source technologies class: I've been doing a fair amount of blogging there, too, to encourage my students to write more.

MVCnation is coming along nicely: not to the level of my expectations, not yet, but it's slowly getting there. It's a graded activity, mind you, but even in the first few weeks it felt like pulling teeth just to get the students to blog. I've had to deal with plagiarism, sloppy grammar, lack of interest and imagination, and just plain laziness. But over time, the posts have actually improved.

Down, down, down
And then: I got sick.

I don't know where this bug came from, but it's really pretty bad. I felt something last Saturday evening, but I thought, as usual, that I could just sleep it off on Sunday. Monday I felt better, but on Tuesday, my body just started breaking down. By late afternoon, my chest was congested and I was leaking mucus. I didn't even go through a runny nose anymore, it went straight for my lungs.

So now I've spent the day in the house, in bed mostly, but when I could, in the kitchen and at my desk, lolling dispiritedly and without much appetite for anything. After doing this thing and that, all without much appetite, I thought I'd revisit this blog and say hi to all you guys out there.

So: Hi.

Dawn Mass
For the first time in so many years, I won't complete the nine pre-dawn Masses. I thought I could get up early in the morning, even crawl to church in my pajamas, and for a moment, I imagined that it was 3:30AM and I could. But when I looked at the wall clock, it said 5:00AM, and the sounds I heard outside were not the people going to Mass but the people coming home.

Sad, really.

Okay, I'll stop right now.

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