Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Saw this toy at the local mall, just had to take a picture. The caption says "Wife" and underneath: "She's made to serve you!" "She's quiet, she'll never interrupt the game!" "She'll never run up the credit cards!" "Best of all, she'll never say no!"

I, for one, would not wish to meet the person who wrote up those tags. Issues, issues, issues....


  1. O_O good grief. that's an evil evil tag -_-

    i don't know how the heck that got approved by their boss.

    oh wait. i don't want to think about it.

  2. Gotta look for the "husband" and "child" versions of those and find out what the captions say...:)

  3. I haven't quite figured out what this thing is.
    What is a "grow'ems"?