Thursday, October 14, 2010

Google Reader

What has filled the void left by the social networks that I abandoned? Apart from a return to more active blogging -- never mind if few people are reading -- I'm spending more time with Google Reader.

Unlike the microblogging platforms, Google Reader offers more substantial reading fare, and these along the lines of subjects I'm really and truly interested in. I get my daily dose of Catholic opinion, comics, technology, literature, and design from Google Reader now. I feel way smarter than when I was just on Twitter and Plurk.

More people really should get on Google Reader. I even have some semblance of a social network there, some people who share interesting items they've read. Happily for me, it's not as intrusive or as trivial as the other social networks, and it's not hampered by vacuous comments.

You can follow what I'm reading at my share page. Activate your Google Reader now, and let me know what it is you're reading.

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