Friday, October 08, 2010

Modern Christian Martyrs

Even as people here at home rail against the Catholic Church, our bagong bayani modern heroes are showing themselves to be modern martyrs as well. Twelve Filipinos, along with 150 others, have been arrested for attending Mass in Saudi Arabia.

From the report:

Saudi authorities have conditionally released the Catholic Filipino migrant worker arrested on 1 October in Riyadh along with 11 other compatriots - released Oct. 3 -, while attending a Mass along with 150 foreigners celebrated by a French priest. At present, the 12 Filipinos have been entrusted to their employers and representatives of the embassy in Manila in Saudi Arabia are negotiating with the authorities for their repatriation. The fate of the others present at the Catholic mass remains unknown.

According Exxedin H. Tago, charge d'affaires of the Philippines Embassy the 12 are not yet completely out of danger. "It is still unclear - he says - if their case was closed. They were accused of proselytizing and if the authorities deem them guilty they could return to jail”.

Does anyone else notice this discrepancy of behavior? Here at home, we praise a flamboyant tour guide for disrupting Mass in a cathedral; abroad, our OFWs are willing to face arrest to attend Mass.

What? No front page coverage? I wonder if the press will attend to this issue with as much passion as they attended to the controversy on the hostage-taking fiasco, or to the RH bill? Or is the wave of recent anti-Catholic sentiment in mass media so strong they are going to sweep this story under the rug?


  1. Thank you for posting that link.
    another example of how dangerous the "religion of peace" really is.

  2. Sad day, Bob. I suspect everyone will ignore this issue while they let their passions loose on trivial things.

  3. Hi, i spread your link to our mayor TV-stations...
    In Germany is a big discussion on the way abt. the integration of muslim people.
    My question is: How much religious freedom the islam can carry out?


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