Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Interview

By rights my blog posts this week ought to be about the upcoming Software Freedom Day celebration, but I feel I just have to insert this little story here. You see, E. and I went to the church for our interview with the priest today.

It was only a preliminary interview, their prerequisite for scheduling the wedding at their church on such-and-such a date. There are other requirements, but those will follow a little later, just a few months from the actual date itself.

E. and I had plenty of laughs from the questions in the form.

Case in point: "Have you ever been married in Church before?"

Followed by: "If yes, how long has it been since your spouse died?"

As we say in Filipino: walang lusot!

That beside, we found the questions quite sensible. The general thought was: are you really, really, really sure you want to get married? Of your own free will?

That's why I love the Church. Of all religions and philosophies today, it alone knows how to draw a line -- firmly -- in the essential matters. It takes them very seriously and guards them very jealously. And you know what? I love the idea. It's so romantic.

E. and I generally laughed and chuckled throughout the interview. The priest (brother?) was quite young and smiled along with us. More questions: when did we meet? how did you know that it was time to get married? have you set any preconditions to your marriage? But we managed to find the humor in all our answers.

The interview didn't last very long. Just a few more reminders here and there, and we were out. All told, it took under ten minutes.

And so now I've paid the reservation fee and the date is set. At some other time, I would have said that this is all starting to sink in, but it doesn't feel that way at all. It just seems like a natural progression to what we already have.

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