Monday, August 09, 2010

Coincidence in the rain

Exceptionally heavy rain in Davao tonight, more so than usual, and quite sudden, too. By a fantastic congruence of events, I saw my Mom's car just as I stepped out of the university gate. I caught a ride with her, sparing myself from a soaking.

By fantastic, I really do mean fantastic. Let me tell you why.

On Mondays my classes run till nine in the evening. Normally I dismiss a little early, around 8:30 or 8:45 (please understand, my first lecture class starts at 11:00, then I have labs from 12:30 to 3:30, and my evening classes start at six). However, as this week is university week, I decided to let the class go even earlier than usual, at 8:15.

I trundled over to the office, diddled with the computer a bit, then decided to call it a day. As I walked down to the first floor, I remembered I brought my umbrella with me this morning. Should I go back for it? The air felt cold and breezy, but looking out the window I didn't see any rain. I'll leave it for tomorrow, I said.

And what do you know? Just as I stepped out of the gates, it started drizzling. I sighed and turned back for my umbrella.

I pondered if I should walk up to the sixth floor again, then I saw the last elevator still running. I was the only passenger so I chatted up the operator. At our floor, I asked the operator if she could hold the car for me. She said she would. I dashed for my umbrella and came back not long after.

Unlike my quick ride up, the descent took a little longer. At the fifth floor, a passel of MassCom students piled into the car. I knew a couple of them so we talked a bit. But man, was it crowded and muggy. I felt relief when the elevator doors finally opened.

Back at the ground floor, I saw that the rain had come down in full force. Whatever happened, I knew I was going to get wet.

As I stepped out the university gates, I whispered a word of thanks: right in front of me was -- no, not my mother -- but an Obrero-bound jeep. Normally they stop at the opposite side of the street, but here, at that moment, it was in front of me!

I clambered aboard, muttering sorry's and excuse me's to the other passengers. Just as I sat down, I heard loud honking behind us. I squinted through the curtain of rain. That car looks familiar, I thought; and as I read the license plate, I realized: it was our car!

I jumped out of the jeepney and got into our car.

"Wow! Thanks, Ma," I said, "were you waiting for me?"

"No," she said, "I just happened to pass by; I came from SM. I wasn't even sure it was you I saw get on board the jeepney."

So there you go: early dismissal, diddling with the computer, forgetting my umbrella, a delay at the elevator, and a quick jeepney stop, all coinciding with my Mom driving by at the same moment I came out. Some days, it all just works out.


  1. I'm not so certain that things like this are really coincidences.
    I can really explain how or why, but rally nice things like this happen quite often. We all just need to pay more attention.

  2. Oh, so many spelling errors in one comment. Shouldn't leave comments after just finishing a 14 hour work day.

  3. It's the thought that counts. ;-)