Monday, August 02, 2010

Barista baptisms

Have you noticed how, when you order a drink at an upscale coffee house, the barista never ever seems to get your name right?  At best, it's a misspelling; at worst, it's something else entirely.  It's like being baptized all over again. 

In the order shown above, the names were supposed to be: RHEA, ELAINE, ISLA, and EMILY.

I'm glad I didn't order anything.

Photo taken at Panadero Expreso.  Bad spelling notwithstanding, they do serve very good bibingka.


  1. because the barista is a bisdak. hehehe... ;)

  2. That's why I give a tip every time they spell Paige right. They usually hear Paige as 'Beige'. Heh. Isn't Beige harder to spell?!

  3. Hi Dom,
    The worst they could do would be to spell my name backwards.

  4. I'll be they'll spell it "Bab."