Sunday, June 20, 2010

My spammer friend 宛齊陳

...according to Google, 宛齊陳 that translates to Wan Qi Chen.

Now, I don't know Chen personally, but I take it that he (she?) is among my biggest fans. Chen visits my blog regularly and leaves comments that have nothing to do with my post. Instead, they invite me and other unsuspecting readers to visit some other blog.

I really should be annoyed with Chen, and I was for a time. It's a pain deleting spam messages (and it's for this reason that I've enabled comment moderation on past posts.) But darn it, his (her?) persistence in visiting my blog is flattering; and hey, even if Chen doesn't actually bother reading my posts, a visitor is still a visitor.

And so, 宛齊陳, from the bottom of my heart, I extend to you a hand in friendship from across the water. I will still delete your spam, but if you should ever care to leave a message as a real person, I would be much obliged.


  1. Hi Dom,
    The name "Robert" means "bright fame" which translate into Chinese as 明亮的名望 .Maybe I should use that as my signature :)

    Yours truly,

  2. Ha ha, well I don't think it works quite that way. Chinese names are usually just two characters. I'll ask my Mom, though, what would be best for you.