Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BPO questions

My response to a reporter's question about the BPO industry:

While BPOs provide both employment and income for the city, is there any way that the skills and expertise gained from working in the BPO industry can be put into the service of the city?  What I mean is: BPO workers help to improve the quality of service in the territories for which they operate, but are there corresponding improvements in the city in which they operate?  Or are we leading towards a disconnection here, cleaning somebody else's house while leaving our own in disarray?

The reason I ask is because there's limits to the growth that the BPO industry brings.  BPOs are essentially mercenary operations that bank on low cost of labor, real estate, and utilities.  If they can do it cheaper elsewhere, they will.  How long will you be able to sustain this low-cost model?  When the BPO relocates, do we have alternative industries in place?

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