Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sick and tired of hearing 'Compact Flash Card'

To all news media: can you please stop saying 'Compact Flash Card' already?  We get it, we get it: because you like to sound techie and because you like to sound like you know what you're talking about, you've seized this thingamajig and say its name over and over again.

Flash fact: this is just a bone that SmartMatic has thrown you.  They know you like to sound so techie and so authoritative.  Convenient scapegoat, that because, apparently, you've never really seen the memory card for a digital camera.

Bottom line: the problem isn't with the card itself, it's with the data that SmartMatic put in it.  SmartMatic goofed with the programming and data encoding.  As simple as that.  It doesn't satisfy your need to sound techie, but that's closer to the truth.

Sa totoo lang, inuuto kayo. First, they told you that the CF cards couldn't be hacked because they were super special and custom made. Then, when the problems popped up last Monday, they said they would destroy the cards.

Later in the week, they said they would order more CF cards from China, Hong Kong, etc., in fact, some 50,000 units. At that quantity and turnaround time, you still think it's super special and custom made? Uto-uto!

And even later, they said they would reuse and reformat the cards. Ano nga ba talaga, ate?

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