Tuesday, May 04, 2010

PCOS shenanigans

Each day the election looms closer, my confidence in COMELEC and SmartMatic wanes further.  Bugs shouldn't have to be uncovered and fixed this close to the big date.  But there you have it: several PCOS machines failed in test runs held today. 

SmartMatic, COMELEC, and CICT point to CF cards as the problem, but I think what they really mean is that they programmed the PCOS machines incorrectly. 

Compact Flash cards only act as storage for programs and data.  If the cards fail, they won't be read at all; they won't cause the PCOS machines to count the votes incorrectly.  The error discovered today is pretty consistent: due to poor coding, the PCOS machines fail to read double-spaced listings for local candidates.

The CICT commissioner calls it a "silver lining" having been discovered in time six days before the election.  I call it bad project management and a very hairy situation.  I call it stupid, stupid, stupid.


  1. raissa robles has some interesting things to say about that here:


    what do you think?

  2. I go by the tenet: "Private voting, public counting." The current system fails on the latter.

    Raissa Robles' proposal, as far as I understand it, does not address the issue of the tally.


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