Thursday, April 15, 2010

Whom the gods destroy...

...they first make mad, so the old saying goes.  I can't think of an aphorism more apt when I read the news about our Congressman and Speaker of the House Prospero "Boy" Nograles.

Oh, sure, I've always suspected him of some pathological disorder.  When someone has a mania for plastering his name and face on every street and building, something has got to be wrong in the noggin.  But matters seem to have come to a head in recent days.  Every day this week alone, Nograles has made the headlines, but for all the wrong reasons:

On Monday, Nograles announced he would leave the ruling party Lakas-Kampi-CMD of which he is a senior member, repeat, a senior member.

On Tuesday, presumably because his comrades prevailed on him, he said he would stay with the party after all.  However, he raises the caveat: Lakas presidential candidate Gilbert Teodoro must "shape up."  Note: elections are less than a month away.

On Wednesday, Nograles berates Davao media men in front of their Manila colleagues, supposedly for "biased" reporting.

I wonder what news Nograles will bring tomorrow morning?

Despite the high position Nograles has attained, the past three days have shown his lack of loyalty, breeding, and class.  This is the man who wants to be the next mayor of Davao City?  Please! Spare me!


  1. reminds me of de quiros' column in inquirer today... so who do they call crazy now.

  2. Amen to that. Are you in Davao now?