Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Robinson's Mall, Dumaguete

More about this in a future post.  Let's just say I'm impressed, pleasantly surprised, and somewhat disconcerted.


  1. disconcerted? Why?

    I have to say, Dumaguete has gone a long way since I left in 1997. I was back home for 8 months last year, and things have changed. And not all for the better. One of my concerns is safety. :-(

  2. Hi, Nathan: thanks for following my blog.

    To answer your question: largely for the same reasons that you've pointed out, that things have changed. Specifically for Robinson's, it doesn't feel like Dumaguete (though that's not necessarily a bad thing.)

    As to safety, our home got broken into once. Good thing my sister made it out okay.

  3. Yes, dumaguete is indeed growing, however, the only problem that hs'nt been solve for ages is the traffic congestion, streets are still to narrow for the influx of big vehicles and trucks, there are houses are still in the city proper, urban planning should be re-studied and dumaguete should at least have a master plan that can be implemented whoever the Mayor is... it must be a political plan, it must be a political agreement and the people of dumaguete.